Municipal portfolio

Heating plants and modules - design and/or design-built:

A large number of City of Cluj-Napoca's district heating plants have been designed and built by Intelterm Consulting, as part of the Retrofit Program.
   The installed capacities of over 15 district plants range from 1500 KW to 7000 KW.
   CT2; CT5; CT6; CT8; CT9; CT10; CT12; CT16; CT26;
CT Govora; CT Mihai Viteazu
: Installed Capacity 1,5 MWatt - 7 Mwatt
ION TIRIAC Bank Cluj-Napoca
S.C. UNIREA S. A. Cluj-Napoca: Capacity 7000 KWatt
The School for the visually impaired Cluj-Napoca
S.C. ELECTROSIGMA S.A. - Cluj-Napoca
County Library Octavian Goga

Oncology Clinic Cluj-Napoca

University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca