Professional Systems

    Main collaborators and systems:
Intelterm Consulting is authorized partner of:

VIESSMANN - boilers, automation modules;
WEISHAUPT - burners;
GRUNDFOS - pumps, pressure boosting systems;
DANFOSS, SAMSON, SAUTER - automation equipment: 3-way valves, regulating valves, motor valves, process controllers, VFD's;
SIEMENS, ENDRESS + HAUSER, NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS - process automation and monitoring systems;
DANFOSS, MEINECKE, ZENNER, SCHLUMBERGER - meters, flow rate gauges, etc.

INTelterm: automated heating modules and heating related equipment.

Intelterm heating and domestic hot water modules: These modules are prefabricated assemblies, fully furnished and automated, utilizing a primary heating source.

The advantages offered by these systems are:
Optimal Energy Solutions the result of using high performance equipment, implementation of tested and automated process schematics and significant experience;
Flexibility, due to their dual mode of operation - steam and hot water
GARANTIA CALITATII executiei unor echipamente in conditii industriale
Quality Assurance for equipment manufactured under industrial conditions
Compact design
Simple installation, with minimal site interventions
Safe operation and low maintenance, due to the automated control systems

INTelterm Consulting Cluj Napoca heating and domestic hot water modules:
with direct or indirect heating, w/o heat exchanger, controlled process;
for domestic hot water, using heat exchanger, w/o water storage;
          heating 50 - 5000 KW
          d.h.w. 50 - 2500 KW